February 28, 2021

“Israelis called me anti-Zionist, Swiss called me Zionist”: meet this Swiss rapper and researcher


Moritz is a Hebrew student, a Swiss rapper and a researcher. He wrote his master thesis on the confederation ('2 states 1 homeland'/'a Land for All') initiative which offers an alternative to the current accepted solutions for Israel-Palestine (1 state/2 states). 

He has lived in Tel-Aviv, interened for the Swiss Embassy there, and he has some insights to share with us. 

In this podcast, we will sing together  a beautiful Hadag Nahash song in Hebrew! And also, we will discuss:

  • Why did his Swiss friends working in conflict resolution call him a Zionist, while in Israel he was seen by some as an anti-Zionist?
  • Why are Swiss citizens who live in settlements treated by the Swiss embassy in Tel AViv and not by the Consulate in Ramallah? And what does that have to do with “don’t upset Israel”?
  • What difference is there between the Swiss foreign Policy and the Swiss parliament policy towards Israel?
  • What's the Role of Europe in maintaining or challenging the 2 states solution, when will the paradign change, and how would it look like?
  • Will the saying “it must get worse to get better” prove itself to be true? And is there anything the world, and Europe in particular could do to prevent that scenario?

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