February 13, 2022

My first and last time throwing a stone at the Israeli army jeep

Join a conversation with Mohammed, my first Palestinian Hebrew student and get an inside critical thinker not only about the Israeli occupation, but also about the lack of moral framework in the Palestinian leadership. and discover...

  • What was it like growing in the second intifada next to the refugee camp with the biggest number of suicide bombers?
  • Why did Mohammad's father and uncles sit at the Israeli prison?
  • Which terminology should we use when referring to suicide bombers, and what kind of violence, and against whom, is legitimate in resistance against the occupier?
  • How meeting Israelis activists from Combatants for Peace changed everything Mohammed knew and heard about Israelis?
  • Why not knowing about Israeli activists, and learning about Israelis only as European settlers, serves the status quo on the Palestinian side?
  • and what can change if more Palestinians become aware of Israeli activists?
  • How can Mohammad's Hebrew learning inspire us when thinking about a different future?

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