November 7, 2021

The Israeli anthem calls to kill all Arabs?! a wrong translation made Jordanian Salma learn Hebrew

Jordanian (-Palestinian?) Salma is living in the UK, working as a teacher and studying Hebrew. Join a fascinating conversation about democracy in Arab societies, Palestinian refugees in Jordan and discover how the wrong translation of Hatikvah, the Israeli anthem, into Arabic has made Salma suspicious, and eventually want to learn Hebrew..!


  • What are honour killing and what are the consequences for a woman who speaks to a non-relative man? Does it happen in Arab, Muslim or any honour-based societies?
  • Can we expect Jordan to become a democracy? Can democratic systems work in Jordan and other conservative societies, whose values often contradict democratic values?
  • What is like driving in Jordan, and what does it have to do with camels, lanes and democracy?
  • Why do most Jordanian descendants of Palestinians define themselves as Palestinians, and why Salma does not? And what are the shades of Palestinians in Jordan?
  • What happened to Salma (Al-Tabari)’s grandparents after leaving Tiberias in 1948?
  • Is Hebrew a language of the Middle-East, and will it be used by any person living in Israel/Palestine in the future?

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