October 12, 2021

Will Indonesia be the next country to normalise relations/have peace with Israel?

After the US has offered Indonesia an increase of aid by up to $2 billion if it normalised ties with Israel, the question of normalisation with Israel remains. But what do Indonesians think about it, and how are Indonesians divided about this issue?

Join a conversation with Gilang Lukman, the first Indonesian to study MA in Middle East in Oxford University and a Peace Advocacy Fellow of the Balfour Project, and get an idea why in Indonesia, despite living far away from the middle east,  Israel-Palestine is such a concerning issue among global conflicts, and how it divides communities there.

 Listen to Gilang speaking about:

  • Why are some pro Palestinian activists in Indonesia fascinated about the Hebrew language?
  • Why did the Palestinian embassy in Indonesia protest against the use of their national symbols?
  • How was the pro-Israeli camp emerged in Indonesia?
  • Is learning Hebrew providing an Indonesian Muslim the credentials to speak to the non-muslim population?
  • Why have some Christian Indonesians changed their name to Hebrew names, and have started greeting saying ‘Shalom’? and what does it say about them?
  • Why, for some Muslims, it would be theologically problematic to say “marry Christmas” but not “Chag Sameach”?
  • How does their own history of colonisation affect how Indonesians see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
  • What does “Jewish territorialism” mean (hint: Let the Jews have a state outside of Palestine…), and why is Gilang sympathetic to this idea?
  • What would Gilang respond to Israelis who feel that “there are so many Muslim states – why is it wrong to have 1 Jewish state?”?
  • Who are the 3 segments of Indonesian society who would support normalisation with Israel? 
  • Will there be any benefit in normalising relations with Israel for future Palestinian independence?

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